Coir matting has been around for centuries and continues to be a popular choice for businesses and homeowners alike. Coir mats are a common type of entrance mat that are used in all sorts of settings including shops, schools, reception areas, and more. Due to their durability and cost-effectiveness, they are a fantastic matting solution that offers numerous benefits, but how do you decide which coir mat is best for you?

Here at Grimeford Mill, we manufacture an extensive range of coir mats that are available to purchase in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. To help you with your coir matting search endeavours, we have created a simple help guide that contains everything you need to know when selecting a coir mat, including some key features that you should consider. As a leading UK manufacturer of floor matting, you can rely on us for the very best knowledge and expertise! By following our guidance, you can acquire a mat that is not only functional and effective but also appealing to the eye.

Before we get started with the guide, why should you choose coir matting over other styles?

1.  They are the most eco-friendly option, manufactured out of natural coconut fibres.

2.  As they are created out of natural materials, they are one of the cheaper options.

3.  Despite being inexpensive, coir mats perform to a high standard offering durability, absorbency, and fantastic scraping qualities.

4.  They are very versatile mats that can be placed in pretty much any indoor location and can be bought in a selection of colours to match your décor. We stock an array of colours including grey, brown, blue, green, red, and more.

5.  Coir mats can help prevent slip and trip accidents from occurring in the workplace, acting as an effective barrier, and keeping dust, dirt, and moisture at bay.


The Essential Guide

How thick should your mat be?

When it comes to selecting the mat thickness, you need to assess the area in which you’re installing the mat. Generally, the most popular coir depth is 17mm to fit standard-sized mat wells and recesses, however, we do also stock 14mm, 23mm, and 28mm depending on the level of foot traffic your premises experiences.

coir thickness

It is important to note that thicker does not always mean better! All of our coir mats can withstand wear and tear and can undergo vigorous usage in busy environments, but the density of the pile can affect how the mat performs. Whilst our 28mm heavy-duty coir mat is fantastic for the busiest of locations, the thickness of the fibres may hinder accessibility for wheeled apparatus such as wheelchairs, prams, or trolleys. If your business uses any of this equipment, we suggest acquiring a mat that is less dense.

If you're looking to install a coir mat in a mat well, you should measure the depth of the recess before you purchase a mat. Hopefully, with our variety of sizes, you will find a mat that fits flush within the space, for an even and professional-looking finish. Similarly, if your mat is being placed behind a door, you need to ensure there is enough clearance for the door to open and shut properly.


Size matters!

Believe it or not, the size of the mat matters, especially when it comes to the length. Typically speaking, the bigger the mat is, the better it will perform, as it will effectively remove dirt and moisture as people wipe their feet and walk across it. If your mat is too small, there won’t be enough floor coverage for those who do not take time to wipe their feet, leaving you with a floor full of grime and filth.

For the most professional-looking results, we suggest selecting a mat that fits snugly within your space, for example, fitted edge to edge within a recess. You must also ensure the mat is the correct size for a completely flat finish, as you do not want any lips or folds within the mat that may cause trip hazards.

We stock numerous coir mat sizes on our website to fulfil a range of requirements. Even if you have an awkwardly shaped space to fill, you can use our made-to-measure service for an exact fit!


Raw edge or rubber edged?

At Grimeford Mill, we always put our customers first, so we have a range of products that suit many different needs. Our coir matting can be purchased with a clean-cut edge or with a rubber edge. Our raw edge variations are great for mat well locations, where the mat needs to fit neatly within a space. The mats with a ramped rubber edge are ideal for loose-laid installations, to ensure trip accidents are kept to a minimum.

rubber edged coir mat

All of our coir mats are backed with PVC for a foolproof, non-slip floor covering, to ensure everyone is safe on your premises. The high-quality PVC that we use is durable and impervious to liquids, keeping your floor areas dry, safe, and clean.

With our simple guide, you should now be able to choose the right type of coir mat for your business! If you require more information about coir matting or the other products we stock, please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team on 01772 330051 or email [email protected].