Winter presents a unique set of challenges for businesses, with slippery surfaces ranking high among them. Non-slip mats rise to the occasion during winter, safeguarding every step within your premises during the frosty season. Here at Grimeford Mill, we manufacture an extensive range of non-slip matting products, designed to be used in a variety of settings, including factories, warehouses, schools, reception areas, and more. Our products can help to ensure your establishment is safer, reducing the dangers of slippery floors, protecting both your staff and visitors from potential slip-related accidents.

A Comprehensive Overview: Non-Slip Matting

Unwavering Grip and Traction

The efficiency of non-slip matting lies in its reliable grip and excellent traction. Non-slip mats are carefully designed with textured and durable materials which reduce the risk of slipping. For example, all of our coir and brush mats are backed in PVC, to provide additional grip at the base of the mat. This thought-out feature prevents the matting from shifting across the floor, even when it is damp or entirely wet.

Durable Material and Construction

Here at Grimeford Mill, we ensure our products are crafted with longevity at the forefront, with each non-slip matting product being rigorously tested and proven resistant to wear and tear. Our robust construction ensures your mat will stand the test of time, enduring heavy foot traffic without diminishing functionality or appearance.

Ease of Maintenance

Designed for hassle-free upkeep, non-slip matting can be easily cleaned with common cleaning equipment. All of our mats, whether that be coir, synthetic, or rubber, allow for the efficient removal of dirt and moisture, maintaining an immaculate surface that helps to prevent slips and falls. To help ensure your entrance remains as safe as possible, we recommend following a frequent maintenance routine. This will not only reduce the risk of slippery floors, but it will keep your space hygienic and professional. For our synthetic and coir mats, a simple shake or vacuum can remove loose dirt. If you have an entirely rubber mat, you can wash it down with water and brush to keep it clean. If your mat becomes particularly soaked with water, let it dry completely before placing it back in its desired position.

Locations Where Non-Slip Matting Shines


Entrances act as the initial line of defence for most establishments, so it is important to install the most suitable matting style. Placing a non-slip mat at the entryway in winter is an efficient and cost-effective way to capture moisture and dirt, preventing debris from venturing further into your building.


Walkways or passages witness consistent traffic. By deploying non-slip matting in these areas, you can help safeguard individuals from potential slipping hazards, particularly in locations prone to moisture accumulation.


In areas where employees are stationed for extended periods, non-slip matting provides a secure and comfortable standing surface, thereby boosting both safety and productivity. Our rubber mats are particularly useful for factories and warehouses that are prone to spillages, remaining as a non-slip solution.

Implementation Guidance

Made-to-Measure Mats

Our non-slip matting can be manufactured to suit the unique dimensions and contours of your space. By utilising our made-to-measure service, we ensure your matting integrates seamlessly into your environment, covering every inch that requires fortification against slipping hazards.

Unobtrusive Design, Uncompromised Safety

Whilst functionality is paramount, the aesthetic aspect of your space is honoured with equal regard. Our non-slip matting is available in a variety of designs and colours to complement the visual palette of your interiors, all while maintaining its primary role of providing a safe walking surface.

Surface Texture

We have a large range of surface textures available, each serving distinct purposes and environments. Some textures are designed to provide maximum grip, whilst others focus on comfort for standing. The selection should align with the predominant use of the space in question. For example, if your premises experiences an excessive amount of moisture during winter, our Heavy Duty Thrown Mat is a perfect choice, capable of holding 4.5 litres of liquid per square metre. If your establishment doesn’t accumulate a lot of water, but you still want to incorporate a safety measure, our selection of coir mats is ideal. Coir matting is an excellent choice for reducing the amount of dirt and moisture that enters your building, whilst introducing a touch of style, making it appropriate for entrances and reception areas that need to provide a lasting impression.

Navigating through the challenges that the frosty season presents, we at Grimeford Mill understand the imperative need for superior safety solutions. Our non-slip mats are designed for resilience, comfort, and unparalleled grip, offering an excellent first line of defence against the treacherous slips and falls of winter. Browse through our extensive range of products on our website today, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01772 330051.