Indoor matting can enhance any space’s functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal. However, with a wide variety of matting products to choose from, it can be difficult to find the perfect fit. Luckily, our expertise in indoor matting ensures we can guide you through the multitude of options available to find the right match for your business.

The Importance of Indoor Matting

Indoor mats do more than just complement your décor, they serve as the first line of defence against dirt and moisture, thereby prolonging the life of your flooring. Additionally, their ability to keep your interiors clean also aids safety by reducing slip and fall accidents. With the right type of indoor matting, you can create a safe, clean, and attractive environment for your staff and visitors.

Different Types of Indoor Matting

When selecting indoor matting, you will want to consider the specific demands of your business environment. This can include factors such as the nature of your business, expected foot traffic, and weather conditions, all of which can influence your choice. Here at Grimeford Mill, we understand the unique requirements of every business and setting, so we have a huge selection of matting products to choose from. Below we have listed the most popular types of indoor matting.

Entrance Mats

Entrance mats act as a gateway to your business, capturing dirt, dust, and moisture, before they are trodden further into your building. They are typically manufactured out of highly absorbent materials such as coir and nylon and are available in an array of colours to leave a lasting impression on visitors. If your flooring is prone to becoming slippery, you might want to look for mats with rubber or vinyl backing to prevent slippage.

Anti-fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats are designed with cushioning properties to reduce discomfort for employees who stand for long periods. They work by promoting the natural micromovements in the lower half of the body, encouraging blood circulation and helping to improve staff well-being. They are particularly popular in retail shops, bars, and factory/warehouse facilities, where employees are required to be on their feet all day.

Industrial Mats

Industries with demanding environments require durable matting to resist oil spills, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. Industrial mats are generally manufactured out of durable rubber, which is easily washable and resistant to wear and tear. Industrial mats are suitable for environments such as factories, garages, and laboratories.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Indoor Matting

When choosing your indoor matting, you might want to consider the following elements:

Size: to be effective, the mat should be large enough to accommodate at least two strides, to successfully remove moisture and debris. Especially when positioned at entranceways, you will want to decide on a width that covers the entire doorway.

Material: depending on your business, you will want to select a material based on absorbency, durability, and ease of maintenance.

Coir – coir mats are manufactured out of coconut husk, which is naturally coarse in texture and absorbent. Coir is one of the most cost-effective flooring solutions and is a popular choice amongst many due to its ability to withstand high traffic. Our coir mats are available in different colours, sizes, and thicknesses to meet the needs of every business!

Nylon – if you would prefer a synthetic option, our brush matting selection is manufactured out of nylon, which is fantastic at trapping dirt and dust. Especially for those who would like a more contemporary-looking indoor mat, nylon can help to add a luxurious feel, available in an array of vibrant colours to enhance the look of any entranceway.

Polypropylene – polypropylene is a material created out of thermoplastic polymer fibres that are durable and effective at removing dirt. This type of indoor mat is well suited to busy environments such as offices, hotels, and leisure centres.

Cotton – on our website, we also stock matting solutions manufactured out of cotton. If your premises experiences low foot traffic, cotton mats are a very suitable choice. Cotton mats are perfect for locations that are prone to moisture, however, they are not the best choice for collecting dirt. They are a popular option for personal office spaces or secondary entranceways.

Backing: to prevent the mat from moving, we suggest choosing a mat which has a slip-resistant backing like PVC, rubber, or vinyl. This additional grip will provide support for staff and visitors who walk across, creating a safer space.

Colour: our indoor mats are available in a huge selection of colours, including red, brown, blue, green, and more! Whilst the choice of colour should ideally match or enhance your interior décor, it might also be wise to choose a colour that hides dirt and stains, especially for busy businesses that have limited time to clean the mat frequently.

Edge: whilst some of our coir and brush mats have a raw edge to fit into mat wells, you can also find many of our products with a bevelled rubber edge too. This gradient edge helps to reduce the risk of tripping and also increases accessibility for wheelchairs, prams, trolleys, and so on.

Indoor matting can often be an overlooked feature; however, it can be a crucial aspect of any business! Not only can it enhance safety, hygiene, and overall aesthetics, but it can also embody your brand identity and leave a positive impression on new visitors. With high performance and minimal maintenance, we couldn’t recommend indoor mats enough!

With all this information, you will be now well-equipped to navigate the wide array of matting options on our website, being able to make an informed decision that best serves your business. If you require further help or would like to order a mat using our made-to-measure service, please contact us on 01772 330051 or email [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help.