At Grimeford Mill, we understand that a shifting and unstable doormat can be more than just a nuisance, it can pose a significant safety hazard and detract from the aesthetic appeal of your space. Whether you’re dealing with mats on carpet, wood, or any other type of flooring, we have compiled expert advice to ensure your mats stay exactly where you want them.

Mats often move due to the nature of the surface they are placed on, particularly when laid over carpet. As carpet isn’t a solid, fixed surface, when people walk on your mat, the underlying carpet pile shifts, causing the mat on top to move as well. This movement can occur with mats of any size, from small entrance mats to larger runner mats. The movements can be exacerbated by factors such as the quality and type of the mat’s backing, which can vary in grip and stability. Lightweight backings, often found in less expensive mats, can increase the likelihood of shifting, whilst heavier, rubber-backed mats are more likely to stay in place. Thus, understanding the interaction between the mat and the surface underneath is an important factor when addressing and preventing unwanted mat movement.

Find below our top tips on how to keep your mats firmly in place!

  1. Choose Quality-Made Mats with Appropriate Backing

As you might have guessed from the content above, the first step in preventing mat movement is selecting high-quality mats. At Grimeford Mill, we pride ourselves on offering an array of mats that are not only visually appealing but also functionally superior. All of our mats are backed with a variation of quality-made materials that ensure slip resistance, including PVC, nitrile rubber, and latex gel waffle backing. Our mats are designed to lie flat and remain stable, thanks to their robust and flexible backing. This quality is crucial, especially for mats used in high-traffic areas where crowds of people will be walking over the mats daily. A mat that stays in place not only looks better but also contributes to a safer environment.

  1. Tailor Your Choice to Your Floor Type

Different floor types require different solutions. For carpeted floors, mats with grips are ideal as they cling to the carpet fibres, preventing movement. For hard floors, a flat rubber backing is more appropriate, as it is non-slip and provides a completely even surface.

In most cases, if you choose the correct type of backing for your floor, your mat will lie securely in place. However, if you do encounter minor slippage, perhaps when your entrance experiences busy periods, it might be necessary to consider an additional product, like an anti-slip underlay. We will explore more about mat underlays later on in the blog.

  1. Prepare Your Floor Surface

Before installing a new mat, always ensure that the floor area is clean and free of debris. Dust, dirt, and small stones can act like mini rollers under your mat, causing it to shift and move. A simple yet thorough cleaning of the area can make a significant difference in keeping your mat fixed.

  1. Consider Using Underlays for Extra Grip

In some cases, additional grip may be necessary such as an underlay. Whilst you might know us for our range of entrance matting products, we also do stock a collection of rug underlays. Our Stop-Tex underlays are available made-to-measure, designed to stop mats from creeping or moving. These simple underlays can be cut with a pair of scissors and do not need professional installation, making them perfect for any busy business. These underlays provide an extra layer of grip, ensuring that your mat stays in place even under challenging conditions.

  1. Install Mat Wells for a Professional Solution

For businesses looking for a more permanent solution, you could consider a mat well. Although a loose-laid mat functions perfectly fine, a mat well can provide greater peace of mind knowing that your mat will be completely fixed in place. These recessed spaces provide a perfect fit for mats, eliminating movement and ensuring a sleek, professional look.

At Grimeford Mill, we are committed to providing solutions that combine aesthetic appeal with practical functionality. By following these tips, you can ensure that your door mats stay in place, contributing to the safety and cleanliness of your entranceway. Whether you need a custom solution or a ready-to-use product, we have the expertise and range to meet your needs. Browse our website today to explore our extensive collection of matting solutions, or call us on 01772 330051 for more information.