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Anti-fatigue Mats are designed to alleviate the physical stress of standing for extended periods of time. They provide cushioning for staff members that are required to work standing up, helping to support their feet, legs, and back. Our anti-fatigue mats have a soft, pliable surface that contours the shape of your feet, encouraging natural leg movement and promoting better blood circulation. This increased blood flow reduces the risk of injury, including joint pain, aching, and overall fatigue.

Here at Grimeford Mill, we manufacture a selection of anti-fatigue mats, which are suitable for commercial and industrial environments. Whether you are looking to install an anti-fatigue mat in an office space or warehouse setting, we offer a range of durable anti-fatigue mats to support you and your staff.

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Anti-fatigue mats are specially designed for people who stand for extended periods. When we stand for too long on hard surfaces, it is natural for our muscles and joints to seize up due to a lack of blood flow. Unfortunately, a reduction in blood flow can lead to health problems and injuries, including aching, stiffness, lower limb disorders, and varicose veins. Anti-fatigue matting is a cost-effective way to tackle these issues by providing comfort underfoot. They tend to be manufactured out of flexible materials such as rubber, foam, gel, or vinyl, which provide excellent traction and fatigue relief. Many of our mats are additionally created with a bevelled edge to reduce the risk of trip accidents.

How Do Anti-Fatigue Mats Work?

When you are required to stand up for a long period of time, it is normal to feel fatigued and uncomfortable. This is due to a lack of movement in the lower part of the body, which causes your blood flow to stagnate in your veins. Anti-fatigue matting is designed to promote blood circulation by providing a cushioned surface to stand on. This cushioning encourages the natural micro-movements in your leg and calf muscles, which helps to improve posture and aids blood flow. Our mats are designed with a soft base that correctly balances the weight distribution between each leg, making it more comfortable to stand. As a result of this, your employees will be happier, leading to a more positive and productive workforce.

Who Can Benefit from Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Anyone who stands for extended periods can benefit from anti-fatigue matting, especially those who stand on hard floor surfaces such as concrete, tile, or wood. Some of the most common professions that use anti-fatigue mats include:

- Factory workers

- Office workers

- Restaurant and kitchen staff

- Hairdressers and barbers

- Healthcare professionals

- Warehouse and production line workers

- Retail workers

How to Choose the Right Style of Anti-fatigue Mat

When it comes to choosing the right style of anti-fatigue mat, it is important to consider the following:

Size and shape: our anti-fatigue mats are available in several sizes to suit different work areas. For example, our Kleen Komfort Safety Mat in 85cm x 300cm is perfect for industrial workstations and our Kleen Komfort Soft Mat in 55cm x 78cm is ideal for office spaces.

Material: you will want to choose a material that is appropriate for your work environment. Our rubber anti-fatigue mats are suitable for wet-prone settings such as workshops and kitchens, whereas our nylon anti-fatigue mat is appropriate for offices and retail stores.

Bevelled edges: for busy environments, we recommend choosing a mat with a bevelled edge to minimise the risk of tripping. Our anti-fatigue safety mat also has a yellow containment border to make the mat more visible.

By investing in anti-fatigue matting you can improve the health and well-being of your staff, which can help to boost productivity and morale. They can make a huge difference to your workforce!

Order online today or contact us on 01772 330051 and we will help you find the right mat.

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